“Varying designs from a creative heart”

I've been on a creative journey to get to where I am today. Designing designs is my passion and my life. I'm not done traveling yet because hopefully your paths and mine will cross. I am often inspired by what I see, experience and my thoughts that lead me to a basis for a new collection. In my designs I use the trend colors for the coming seasons, but I often like to put together a pallet myself and get started with it. I am also able to work with your ideas and come up with beautiful designs. Do you have a large or small company, with me you are assured of unique designs, with which you can distinguish yourself.
Lian van den Maagdenberg
Lian v.d. Maagdenberg

Some of mine collections


Products based on my designs

Here is an impression of what my designs look like when they are used in making various products. These products are delivered through Redbubble. Take a look at my shop.